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Dear Candidates, what will you do differently to ensure enforcement of current town codes is taking place? ie. Weed Ordinance, dilapidated buildings that have become a hazard to our town. With that being said what will you do differently to ensure the town will lead by example?

Pat Neveaux


It is easy to make promises during an election that typically are not or can not be followed through on. I am giving you honesty and the facts as I have done my entire campaign. Painting a pretty picture when reality is more of a challenge is something I will do to the community. Honesty and facts are what you can expect from me as Mayor.


The previous and current administration have had ongoing advertisements for Code Enforcement and Animal Control positions both in the paper and at Town Hall. These positions must be filled or it is and will continue to be difficult to enforce current town codes. 


The Public Works Department's first priority is to maintain the streets and water/sewer infrastructure.The Town staff works diligently to to take care of the Town Park and the Buildings and Grounds it owns. If a building is reported to the Town as being dilapited then the Fire Marshall is called to make an inspection. If the Fire Marshall deems the building safe the Town can take no further action as we cannot enforce pride of ownership.


I would encourage individuals in the community who would like to sit on a volunteer board to step up and help revise Town Codes. Strong volunteer involvement can be key in taking pride in one’s community. 


As we all know, the current situation of finding and keeping help is a huge challenge. Volunteerism at all levels can help us through the workforce shortages. 

I already do and will continue to lead by example. I volunteer at community events, I am leading and organizing upcoming community events, I offer space for community events to happen where I currently work. This is part of who I am. I love this community and work everyday to make it better.

To learn more about Pat Neveaux, please visit her Facebook page.

Jason Kintzler


First, thanks to the Dubois Chamber for trying to inform the community about the candidates on the November ballot. Unfortunately, my opponent refused to participate in the Chamber's debate or have a public forum with me, so this written Q&A is as good as we're going to get. I'll do my best in a short amount of space! 


On to town codes...

It all comes back to leadership. What is the strategic plan for the town? If it's to be a superhighway/bypass for tourists and we don't want people to stop and visit or live here, then why does it matter? However, if we want to attract people to Dubois to stay a night or perhaps move their young family here to contribute to the economy, or retain the value of our homes, then that's a different story. 

As my voters know, I'm the guy that's going to change the attitude here. I'm the guy that believes we have to create a more livable community if we want to ensure it lasts a long time. This isn't a "boom and bust" cycle as some of you are used to. This is much different. We are not in good shape economically. We've been fortunate to be given COVID money through CARES funding and ARPA. But, the state is still facing budget reductions due to policy decisions at the national level. If we don't act, we're going to lose not just basic services in Dubois, but our existing in-town population which means our tax base will go with it.

So, as it relates to town code, it requires leadership. The first thing I will do is re-evaluate the existing codes with stakeholders (including employees, council and citizens) and prioritize codes based on the strategic plan we will create. If the plan is to develop our tourism infrastructure downtown, then I would start with our "main street." I would make sure business licenses include agreements and basic regulations to ensure they meet the standards (codes) we set forth as a town. Once we get downtown where we all think it should be, we'll move outward into the town to address residential areas. There are plenty of ways to get people to act, including helping them with their weeds!

My opponent will probably say that the town can't find anyone to fill the existing code enforcement position. That's probably true given that it's a low paying, part time job that we're asking someone to take on with zero upside. Currently, our town clerk has to be the one to tackle this, and I'm certain that's not a pleasant experience for her or the recipient of the call or letter. Other communities, like Riverton, are able to handle code enforcement through existing mechanisms, and I believe we have plenty of resources to manage this given our population. (Technology, for one, can make the entire process more transparent and enforcement more streamlined. I look forward to modernizing many of our processes at the town level).


We need a strong leader to address these types of issues. We need someone who will make a plan and see it through instead of discussing it endlessly. My opponent will tell you she's a leader because she's gone to town council meetings for 8 years. But, that doesn't make you a leader, it makes you someone who has gone to town council meetings for 8 years. I'm grateful to her and other council members for their service. I too serve on many boards including the Wyoming Business Council which is 100% volunteer. Being involved is helpful, but doesn't make you a leader by default.


I plan to bring new enthusiasm, new ideas, and my lifelong understanding of Dubois and Fremont County to this job. I plan to lead Dubois to a better future by increasing our economic viability to ensure our seniors -- and our neighborhoods -- are cared for. Don't fall prey to the "Jackson ideals" rhetoric. It's a smoke screen for a lack of vision and a real plan. There's a better way for our community, and I intend to get us there.

To learn more about me and how I intend to lead, visit kintzler.com, or send me a message on Facebook if you have any questions you want answered! 

To learn more about Jason Kintzler, please visit his Facebook page or website.



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