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2022 Mayoral Candidates


Why do you believe the citizens of Dubois should elect you?

Jason Kintzler


If you care about the future of our town, electing the right mayor should be a priority. The position isn't just about being a part of the town council and casting another vote, it's about inspiring and leading Dubois to the best outcome possible for our local families. 


Over the last few months, instead of generating rhetoric and scary scenarios about my opponent, I chose to let people know my history here and my capabilities as a leader. From coaching Dubois youth football, to creating new jobs for locals (10 this year!), and serving communities statewide through the Wyoming Business Council Board of Directors, I believe my resume has demonstrated my abilities as a leader. 

If you look at our experience alone, the decision comes down to who you want to hire to get the job done: A bookkeeper (which the town already employs) or a proven business leader who can generate new revenue for the town and represent Dubois to the rest of the state and beyond. I'm confident that I can not only change people's expectations for their mayor, but also accomplish more than previously thought possible. 


That said, our resumes are just part of the equation. Having the personality and the wherewithal for the task at hand is critical given the direction of our economy. You can't sharpen your pencil out of a recession or budget deficits when the county or state cophers begin to run low. You have to think differently and use innovative approaches to solve the problems in front of us now -- and are certain to come in the next two years.

When my opponent refused the chamber's invitation to debate or even speak publicly at her own event, I still agreed to answer these Q & A questions because I'm confident in every facet of communication and leadership. Is someone who won't debate a person you want representing you when it matters most? 

Running to be your Mayor has been an eye opening experience, but I'm glad to have the opportunity to do so. The reason I ran is because I see it as a way to help my community -- not for a paycheck or a title. Thank you to my supporters -- many of them taking it all in and quietly waiting for election day to show their true intentions. I appreciate your open minds and passion for this place we all hold close. And, most importantly, thank you to my family -- my grandmother, my mom, my wife and my four kids who all live here, along with you. They're used to a little bit of the spotlight, but it's been tough for them to hear some of the vitriol aimed at me. Hold your heads high, and know that, if you're not making people uncomfortable, you're probably not doing anything worthwhile. 

See you Nov 8th, Dubois!

Jason Kintzler

To learn more about Jason Kintzler, please visit his website or if you have any questions, send him a message on Facebook.

Pat Neveaux


Dear citizens of Dubois, 

I understand that by now most of you already know who you will vote for as the next Mayor of Dubois. I want to use this last question to thank you all for your interest and commitment to Dubois and this election. Thank you for your thoughtful questions and conversations. Thank you for your patience as this campaign has progressed. We are almost there! 

The past months of campaigning have allowed me to renew old friendships and make new ones. This time has reaffirmed to me the depth of love the citizens of this area have for this special place. I ask you, how lucky are we all to live in Dubois? We enjoy the best outdoor adventures that the world has to offer; big game hunting, river rafting, mountain climbing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and endless other opportunities for fun and adventure.

We enjoy a Community Farmers Market that allows us to support our local entrepreneurs; we attend many different churches, we have long-standing and new community events happening every year, and we even come together on Facebook when one of us is wronged! We are a great community that people from around the world notice and envy.

We are so blessed to call Dubois our home. 

I look forward to making Dubois even better. I want to continue the improvements already in the works. I want to support businesses and community events. I want to bring new opportunities to Dubois so our community can shine even more than it does now! I will lead Dubois forward, but I want my administration to be open and accessible to all of our citizens. I want to hear from you, and I encourage you to call me with your thoughts, 307-413-2220. This is OUR community, and under my experienced leadership, I will work for all of us: each citizen, and each business. 

Why should you vote for me? That is a personal decision that only you can decide upon based on the information you have received. I have, over the past few months, been completely transparent and informative by offering you the FACTS. I am proud of the campaign I have run and I appreciate you all so much. I can promise you that if you do vote for me, you will get the hardest-working, most devoted mayor Dubois could have. I am excited to lead this town into the future as Mayor after 25 years of loving it as a citizen.

Pat Neveaux

To learn more about Pat Neveaux, please visit her Facebook page or if you have any questions, call her on 307-413-2220.



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