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2 Sep 2022


Dubois Chamber of Commerce announces new Executive Director


The Dubois Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce Luke Sander as the new Executive Director. Luke will be responsible for fulfilling the objectives and mission of the Chamber in all aspects of supporting our 155 members. He replaces Jennifer Weydeveld who transitioned to the Board after joining Central Wyoming College. Sheila Sanderson and the Chamber Board have been managing the administration of the Chamber since February.


"As a key representative and advocate for businesses in Dubois, his job is to strengthen Dubois through a healthy economy and a strong business sector," says Amanda Verheul, President. "His duties include member and board relations, marketing, events, fundraising, and community outreach."


"Dubois is filled with some of the hardest working and most kind people," says Sander. "I'd like to see increased opportunities for young families to be able to survive here. I feel that we have a really unique challenge between housing and employment issues that we can overcome with a little out-of-the-box thinking and cooperation."


"Luke has worked closely with us throughout the last couple years producing the Wild West Brew Fest and emceeing the July 4th Parade," says Weydeveld, Vice President. "As owner of the Rustic Pine, and an engaged Dubois Chamber of Commerce member, he is a great fit for this position. He has also served on the board of the Sheridan Travel & Tourism. His business experience, deep understanding of Dubois and the Chamber needs is a win-win for our community."


"I've learned so many things in my life just by listening with an open mind," adds Sander. "Everyone doesn't always have to agree, but kindness and understanding will break down most barriers."


Luke's first official business will be representing Dubois at the Wyoming State Chamber of Conference Meeting in Sheridan at the end of the month."


Please help us welcome Luke to the Chamber! You can reach him at (307) 455-2556 / (307) 752-7930 and by email at The Dubois Chamber is currently planning our Annual Membership Meeting. The date will be announced in the next newsletter.

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